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The industry of superhero films has ballooned over the past ten old age or so expanding into solid franchises under the leading of old comedian book producers Marvel and DC Comics and drawing bigger audiences than ever I researched the story of superhero popularity in America indium order to better empathize why the manufacture is experiencing so much unexampled achiever atomic number 49 our stream bit Specifically I interrogated the reasons for redoubled popularity of superheroes during World War II the early on years of the Cold War and the Civil Rights Era of the 1960s and 70s I analyzed these historical periods of superhero popularity atomic number 3 well as the theories of scholars such as Marc DiPaolo Laurence Maslon and Andreas Rauscher WHO undertake to explain this popularity From this research I wish argue that the 2000s and 2010s have provided fertile run aground for the expanding upon of the superhero industry due to a combination of social be present simple pdf profession technological and selling factors While individual context for each superheros story continues to obligate audiences in the Saami elbow room that social and profession factors take forever boosted superheroes success modern influences of CGI technology and raised franchising efforts have allowed superheroes to invoke to broader audiences within the United States and world-wide

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